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LAUNCHING FIRST TIME AUTHORS. We offer a variety of packages outside of just publishing books. CONTENT CREATION: We will do in-depth research to develop content for your website or blog etc. We will write or find appropriate articles for your magazine, newsletter or ebook etc. In other words if you need something written ask us. SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION: We will conduct research to find the key words that will optimise your search engine ranking. We will proofread your content for errors and inconsistencies that are not SEO friendly. REMOTE WORKING: We will set up your cloud office so you can collaborate with and manage your team all who are working from home. No more building expenses or parking charges.

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You have done well to get this far, now we will help you to reach as many people as possible. We can publish your work in print, as an ebook or as an audio book and more.

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Find a package that will meet your needs. Do you need your work quickly or would you like social network pages set up specifically for your work? View available packages.

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No surprises here. We won't lock you into a contract then surprise you with a big bill. Use our cost calculator to get a ballpark figure of how much your job will cost.

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Our work speaks for itself but it's good, every now and again, to hear from our many satisfied clients.


I did not consider myself a writer but wanted to write about the miracles of Jesus in my life; SelectArrow greatly encouraged me to do so. With their coaching my first ‘little book’ became a reality (Reach for Your Miracle). I've since written and published two more books through SelectArrow. They've transformed me into an author.

Barbara Payne - Author