SelectArrow is a limited liability company with registered office in England and Wales.

How we began

SelectArrow was started when Angela Slack and Homer her husband switched focus from corporate secular work to concentrate more on collating and developing their years of research into books and instructional publications and to launch the SHARE Magazine. They drew upon their accumulative expertise in printing, public relations, educational instructional development and graphic designing using their combined experience of over 40 years. They began by self publishing their own work under the name homerNangel but then decided to also help develop and launch other Christian writers hence the birth of SelectArrow Ltd.


Quality is our priority

Every project is your ‘brain child’ and we handle it with the individual care and attention that every ‘child’ deserves; quality is our priority so we partner with you and work until you are completely satisfied with your publication.



It is a true saying that the pen is mightier than the sword. Just imagine where we would be as Christians if men of old did not take writing seriously enough to carefully and fearfully pen the words of God and the history of God’s people. We endeavour to help our clients leave a meaningful legacy behind in their publication. To that end, we advise, encourage and challenge them and bring out their very best product that is competitive in the market pace and has sustainability.



SelectArrow  hopes to:

  • Help God’s people identify and develop their gifting and interest in writing so they can become a joint of supply to the wider body through their published works across all media;
  • Expose hidden gifts and talents as churches, groups and individuals interact and share their ideas through collaborations or individual publications;
  • Launch first time writers in particular children and  youth giving them a new sense of purpose and hope for the future as they too discover and explore their gifts and calling to write;
  • Secure a bank of people and resources that can help to develop those who have a desire to come forward and be productive writers for God;

Statement of Faith

We believe:

• in the Bible as God’s infallible Word, uniquely inspired and supremely authoritative in all matters of faith and conduct. It is a complete and sufficient revelation of all matters concerning God’s nature, His will for mankind and eternal salvation through Jesus Christ. 2 Tim 3:16, John 20:31, Rev 22:19, 2 Peter 1:21.

• in one God, eternally existing in three persons—Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Gen 1:1, 2 Cor 13:14, Titus 2:13, 2 Cor 3:17,18

• Jesus Christ was conceived by the Holy Spirit, born of the Virgin Mary. He led a sinless life, took on Himself all our sins, died and rose again, and is seated at the right hand of the Father as our mediator and advocate. This resurrection demonstrates His complete authority over sin, death and the Devil and that He is Lord over all things. He will return to earth at the end of this present age. 2 Cor 5:2l, Acts 2:23-24, 1 Cor 15:3,4, Heb 4:15 Eph 1:20,21, Matt 1.18-23, Acts 1:9-11.

• that mankind forfeited his original relationship with God when Adam the first created man disobeyed God by following the bidding of the Devil. Every person born into the world inherits this fallen status and sinful nature. All men everywhere are lost and face the judgment of God, and need to come to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ by accepting by faith the gift of salvation paid for by Jesus’ sacrificial death on the cross.

• that Christ will return to earth at the end of time and be seen by all living people. He will resurrect every person who ever lived to face the last judgement where all mankind will give an account of their thoughts, words and deeds.