Work From Home


Some call it remote working while others say it’s their cloud or virtual office, whatever name you give it the fact is that the tide is shifting. The new trend is that people are moving out of expensive office buildings to set up their office at home.

Self Employed?

If your job falls within the service sector our work from home solutions will ensure that you will be able to realise your work targets without leaving home. Working with a team is not a problem either. Communicate and collaborate with clients and staff from wherever in the world you or they are. We will provide training and get you set up on the cloud enabling you to receive or make payments online, do your banking online, create and store your documents online and have meetings with up to 25 people online. If your office building rates are getting too high going home will not only cut out those costs but will also save on transportation costs, traveling time and parking rates etc. If you want help setting up your office on the cloud you have come to the right place.

Want to connect to the office from home? (Remote Working)

You also need work from home solutions if you are an office that wants to cut overheads by letting some of your employees work from home. In such a case we would create VPN (Virtual Private Networks) connections between employees at home and the office. This way they will be able to connect to the office server to access, view, download and upload files just as if they were in the same building. Group video solutions would be used for meetings etc.

A Work From Home Case Study

Individual: A teacher

Project: To provide classes online from home.

Required: A reliable broadband and a modern computer. We assume their teaching material would be competed and ready.

What we would do…


We would match this person with the best online resources to include an online file system for their documents. Here they could create and store the courses curriculum, lesson plans, powerpoint presentations, charts and handouts etc.

Financial systems:

Our work from home solutions would include putting our client on to a payment system where they could collect tuition fees as a one off payment or as continuous payments. If required we could provide advice on how to file tax returns as a self employed person.

Teaching resources and execution:

We would match this tutor with an online classroom platform. The chosen platform could include features that allow the tutor to manage assignments, give tests and set homework due dates. They would be able to grade assignments and provide students with feedback all on one platform. During live classes the tutor would be seen and heard by students (who could be anywhere in the world) who could interrupt to ask questions using audio or chat features. The tutor could also switch views between live video and an electronic whiteboard.

Work from home solutions can be created for:

  • Accountants
  • Lawyers
  • Mobile hairdressers
  • The arts industry
  • The fashion industry
  • The insurance industry
  • Wedding planners
  • Writers and publishers
  • Just to name a few

Contact us to find out what work from home solution would be best for you.