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Welcome to SelectArrow publishing, our passion is to launch in particular first time authors and to give you as much independence and say in the production of your work as possible. We bring our expertise and your personal vision together to create the most professional version of your book. Here are the details of what you will need to consider…


Try our Cost Calculator to get an idea of how much it might cost to publish your work.



You want a book you can be proud to share. Whether your manuscript needs a little or a lot of polishing, the SelectArrow editorial team offers its critical eye to help make your book as clean and ready for readers as possible. In fact, our editorial evaluation is what helps set SelectArrow titles apart in the marketplace. See below for a more detailed breakdown of our editorial services. 



You bring your idea; our designers bring the expertise, and from our combined efforts emerges a cover that’s as personally satisfying as it is professional.



Margins, spacing, image placement – no worries. Our skilled book production team understands how to design the right interior layout to complement your book’s genre.



Let’s make it official. ISBN and U.S. Copyright registration are musts for any serious author. But you have better things to spend your time on, so SelectArrow handles all the logistics for you.



You want people to be able to buy your book anytime, anywhere. Publishing with SelectArrow means your book will be available through and all the other outlets used by Amazon’s kdp publishing such as Barnes and Noble etc.



You won’t have to rent a storage unit to house books. Our main source of distribution is through Amazon so books are printed to order. If you desire a large number of books e.g. 200 copies and above SelectArrow will do a bulk printing quote that may **lower the cost of each book compared with Amazon.



You can have it all, and your readers can too. We deliver e-book formats that can be read on most major devices (iPad®, Kindle™ and more). Our standard formats distributed through Amazon are paperbacks, ebooks and audio books.



As a SelectArrow author, you’ll receive a royalty check based on the number of your book sales each quarter or when there is a substantial amount that justifies making out a check.



Standard package: Job joins the queue of jobs on our desk, we create and publish using the standard route. Normally takes between 12 – 14 weeks from receiving your manuscript to the sale of your first book.


*Cover Design: We will design the cover for your publication

Social: This package include us setting up your author page on your choice of two social media platforms like FaceBook and Twitter etc.

*Promo:  Customise your package with a publication video. All video packages come with text and background music as standard. They are:

    1. Animated images only
    2. Animated images with voice over
    3. live video. Video clips must be provided
    4. an event demo (request a quote)

Advert: a full colour design for a full page A4/Letter size magazine advert (this could also be used as a flyer).

Website: A three page website for your book. Does not include cost of a domain name or hosting.

Rush: Your job takes priority and should be completed within about half the time it would normally take.

Your choice from the list above will determine the cost of your package.



SelectArrow brings it all together to create the most professional version of your book. Just have a look at our work and you will realise the high quality and level of professionalism that goes into our designs. Books Portfolio



A picture is worth more than a thousand words, especially when it is a video with multimedia functionality. This will attract more views, likes and shares as they resonate with the audience. Author’s book videos will help your book get noticed and read. Your 30 seconds book video can be uploaded to your Facebook, Twitter and Youtube page etc. or used in an event as part of a presentation. View Promos



Few things are more beneficial for a book than a positive review, feature article or online following. Enter the news cycle with help from the SelectArrow publicity team, which can work to spread the word and find you coverage, not to mention show you the ropes.



Get your book in the hands of readers. SelectArrow offers other options, when you choose us which includes organising events like your book signing event etc.



You’ve put a lot of work into writing your manuscript, and at SelectArrow we don’t think anything should stand in the way of reaching your publishing goals. We understand that it takes more than simply writing a manuscript to publish a quality book. That is why we provide you with the necessary tools to help you publish a book that meets industry editorial standards and maximizes your book’s potential for success.

Included in all of the SelectArrow publishing packages, this manuscript checkup is an overview of the strengths and weaknesses of your work. Our editorial consultant will review your manuscript with you, answer your questions, and point you in a direction that best meet your needs and goals. SelectArrow aims to help enhance your authentic voice and writing style and increase the professional quality of your book.

We have 4 levels of editorial services. Your choice/need will affect the final cost of your publication. They are…

  1. Proofreading (usually called this but sometimes known as verification editing) involves checking that the document is ready to be published. It includes making sure that all elements of the document are included and in the proper order, all amendments have been inserted, the house or other set style has been followed, and all spelling or punctuation errors have been deleted.
    All of these levels of edit are essential in producing a high-quality publication, whether on paper or onscreen. They are performed at different times in the publication process and are not necessarily performed only once.
    The three levels usually overlap to some degree; an editor hired to do a copyedit is quite likely to also perform some of the tasks usually associated with a substantive edit.
  2. Copyediting aims to achieve accuracy, clarity and consistency in a document. It does not involve significant rewriting, providing a single authorial voice or tailoring text to a specific audience – these belong to a substantive edit.
  3. Substantive editing (sometimes called structural or content editing) aims to ensure that the structure, content, language, style and presentation of the document are suitable for its intended purpose and readership. Substantive editing (sometimes called structural or content editing) aims to ensure that the structure, content, language, style and presentation of the document are suitable for its intended purpose and readership.
  4. A comprehensive edit includes all of the above.



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Ready to launch? Kindly be aware that a 30% non-refundable deposit will be required. We are ready and waiting to help you hit the bullseye in the marketplace. Contact us now.

**Subject to Market fluctuations.