Website Building Costs

Description *Build Price

WordPress or Wix sites 

Additional Pages
1 Basic Single Page Site £183 (1 page)
2 Basic Brochure Style Site £284 (4 pages) £40 (per page)
3 Picture Gallery Site £440 (4 pages) £40 (per page)
4 Content Management Site £500 (4 pages) £50 (per page)
5 E-Commerce Site £650 (4 pages) (includes 10 products) £10 (per page) and £3 per item
6 Multimedia (Embedded or linked videos) £440 (4 pages) (includes 10 videos) £40 (per page) £2 per additional video
7 Hosting Varies based on chosen package (average £120 annually) plus £20 one off setup fee
8 Domain Name .com,, .org, .net etc. Search here to see if your chosen name is available and how much it would cost plus £20 one off admin cost
Other Services
Description Price £  Number of Changes
9 Text-only Logo Design   60 2 Reviews
10 Graphical Logo Design   100 2 Reviews
11 Basic Flash Banners   60 size 468 x 60 or 392 x 72
12 Animated Banners/Promo Videos 30 per hour 2 Reviews
13 Php programming 30 per hour  
14 Photo editing 20 per hour  



  1. Prices above are only a guide and reflects our minimum costs. The unique nature of each job may affect prices.
  2. WordPress and Wix Templates: We build sites starting with templates. The prices above does not include Wix membership or premium templates. Cost of template must be added if your chosen template is not free. The template is a design to capture the desired look and feel of the site, this includes the use of colours, graphics and pictures within an appropriate layout. The template will illustrate where such things as the navigation bar, logo, copyright information etc. will be located throughout the site. Four standard pages are considered within the template price, i.e. the home page, about us, contact us, terms of use and one other of your choice. Information for these pages (text, photos and logo etc.) must be provided by you. 
  3. Additional Pages: These are additional pages above the standard 5 pages that comes as part of the basic package.
  4. Web address & hosting: A web address and a hosting package are purchased separately from third parties. A web address may end with .com, .org,, .net, etc. The web host is the company which keeps your web files on their server (a high performance computer) making it available for anyone anywhere in the world using the internet to view your site on their computer.
  5. Content Management Site: A website that allows you to freely change and update content like a notice board etc. without having to go through us.
  6. Reviews: This constitutes the amount of times changes are made to the first draft. Extra reviews will be charged at an hourly rate.
  7. Animated Banners: A rectangle with animated messages that usually appear at the top of a web page. Size shown are in pixels.
  8. Php programming: This is my preferred programming language that can be used to enable viewer’s interaction with your website. With PHP programming routines can be written to enable member login, online shopping and messaging boards etc.


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